SS Brewtech Bulkhead Mash Tun & Kettle Recirc

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SKU: BE386

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The versatile Ss Brewtech recirculation bulkhead fitting is used for a few different recirculation accessories on your mash tun.
It's compatible with the Vorlauf Arm Assembly, the Recirculation Manifold, and the 3/8" hose barb.
Made from 304 stainless steel this bulkhead fits all Ss Brewtech kettles and mash tuns to allow for re-circulation.
It is intended to be used to retrofit your existing Ss Brewtech equipment.
Installing this bulkhead allows you to take advantage of other Ss Brewtech hardware such as the Vorlauf attachment, Re-circulation manifold, and 1/2" knurled FPT to 3/8" hose barb.

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