Blichmann Floor Standing Burner

Grow Masters Gurnee

SKU: aTopTier_Burner-FLR

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Blichmann's answer to the propane burner.

A 72,000 BTU/hr burner that is a great blend of heating power and efficiency - and does so whisper quietly!
In addition, low flame combustion is clean, wind performance is outstanding, and the heavy stainless construction is built to last a lifetime.
For operation on natural gas expect 15% less power and 15% longer heating times due to the lower BTU content of natural gas vs. propane.

- Highly efficient
- 72,000 BTU/hr
- 22 minutes to boil 6.5 gallons of 60 F water
- Non-rusting fume free stainless steel frame
- Excellent outdoor flame stability
- Quiet operation
- Low setting performance without yellow flame ( blackens bottom of pot)

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