Vintner's Harvest Black Currant Puree (49 OZ)

Grow Masters Gurnee

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Black Currant Puree is prepared from ripened, washed and sorted black currants. The product contains no preservatives and no additives.
This puree is great for adding a "forbidden fruit" twist to your next beer or wine!
Use as a base for a fruit wine or add the puree during fermentation to add a delicious, tart flavor.

Aseptically Processed.
Physical Properties:
pH: 2.20 - 3.00
Brix: 9.0 - 16.0
Specific Gravity: 1.036 - 1.065
Viscosity: 12 - 20 cm/min (Bostwick at 70F)
Color: Very dark purple, typical of cooked black currants
49 OZ Can

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