Better Bottle 6 Gallon Plastic Carboy

Grow Masters Gurnee

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Better Bottle is a name known in the home beer and winemaking for their quality products.
Better bottles are made of special pet that is BPA free, has a negligible oxygen permeability, and specifically designed for fermenting beer and wine.
They are lightweight, unbreakable, and will not stain or carry over flavors.
Aside from its advantages over glass carboy fermentors, the Better Bottle is relatively impermeable to oxygen.
When using the Better Bottle and its accessories, the transfer rate of oxygen is lower than that suggested for Micro-oxygenation, and insignificant when compared to the amount of oxygen transferred through other bottles and their stoppers.

Uses a #10 stopper or a 5 Gallon Carboy Hood w/ white caps.
Temperature Tolerance: 140° F
Height: 19.5 inches
Diameter: 11.25 inches
Completely taste and odor free
6 Gallon Liquid Capacity

Perfect Fermentation Vessel for beer and wine

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