Lallemand Belle Saison Yeast

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Belle Saison is a Belgian-style ale yeast selected specifically for its ability to create Saison-style beers.
Belle Saison lets brewers create Saison-styles easily and with all the expected characteristics noted for this classic style.
Classified as a Saccharomyces cerevisiae var. diastaticus and designed for warm-temperature fermentation true to traditional production methods, beers brewed with Belle Saison exhibit the “Farmhouse” flavors and aromas making for fruity, spicy and refreshing beer.

It has a quick start and a very vigorous fermentation.
In fact, fermentation can complete in as little as 5 days under optimal circumstances.
As with many Belgian strains flocculation is low, and the finished product will often be cloudy.
If you desire a clearer product cold crashing or fining agents such as isinglass can be used in secondary fermentation.
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