Beer Bottles (12 OZ)

Grow Masters Gurnee


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The homebrew standard for bottles, these 12 oz. brown beer bottles are a requisite for storing and enjoying your homebrewed beer.
Our traditional 12 oz. longneck beer bottles come 24 per case and take a standard crown bottle cap (26 mm).
These bottles are thicker and darker than most other bottles, offering better protection against UV rays and preventing your beer from becoming lightstruck.
These bottles are used by the likes of Stone, Drakes and even the big guys like Anheuser Busch.
The displacement caused by a 3/8" bottle filler leaves the perfect amount of headspace in your bottle.
Two cases will generally package a standard 5 gallon batch of homebrew.
Fits all standard (26 mm) pry-off and universal style crown caps.
Ships in a cardboard case with dividers.
Plain and unmarked, these beer bottles are perfect for your next competition entry as well.
Suitable for all beer, mead, and cider categories.

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