Aeration System

Grow Masters Gurnee


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An efficient, sanitary and inexpensive way to aerate wort in the primary fermenter.
Make better homebrew with this Aeration System with a pre-fermentation addition of oxygen to beer wort and wine must.
The pump works by forcing air through a sanitary in-line filter and then pumps the air into your wort through the included 2-micron diffusion stone, dissolving much-needed oxygen into solution
The sanitary air filter keeps out all living organisms including wild yeast and acetobacteria, so your wort is actually safer than it would be with stirring splashing, or pouring back and forth
This kit will give you a better shot of a healthy yeast population, and healthy yeast means better attenuation, more complete fermentation, lower fermentation times, less chance of a stuck fermentation, and fewer off flavors.
For best results, aerate your cooled wort for 20-30 minutes.
The kit is a complete and ready to go solution, just sanitize the stone and bottom half of tubing, turn it on, and drop it in your fermenter

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