Hop Variety Handbook from YCH Hops

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You’re going to want to keep our YCH HOPS Hop Variety Handbook within arm’s reach.
With critical information on over 150 hop varieties, including alpha acid, beta acid, total oil and aroma characteristics, homebrewers and craft brewers alike will find this handbook to be an invaluable tool.

Hop Variety Handbook. 2016 Edition.
A book put together by Yakima Chief - Hopunion LLC.
This book covers the history of YCH Hops, the stories of their hop growers, the history of hops & what they are, as well as hop breeding.
And finally, this book includes a complete list of the YCH Hop products including hop blends.
A full page is dedicated to each hop which covers in detail its purpose, history & origin, flavor & aroma profiles, beer styles best suited for use, brewing values, and total oil breakdown.

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