Beer & Wine Making – Join The Home Brewing Movement

Home-brewing is a very fast growing hobby…and for several good reasons. It is fun, creative, and fairly inexpensive to get into. Whether your passion is beer or wine (or both), Grow Masters has everything you need to get started. We can help you jump into the hobby, help you grow as you become a more experienced brewer, and keep you brewing with one of largest selections of grain and brewing supplies in Illinois.

Beer Making Is a Great Hobby

Want To Get Started? It’s Easier Than you Think!

Interested in becoming a home brewer? Do you think it requires a large space or a bunch of expensive equipment? Come to Grow Masters and let our brewing gurus show you how affordable brewing can be. We can set you up with a beginners kit for as little as $40. Interested in going a little bigger? More advanced beginner kits are available allowing you to brew 5 gallons of beer at once…these kits start at under $140!  Most people are surprised that they can become a home brewer and be drinking their own beer or wine for under $200.

Thinking of Expanding?

Home-brewing is addictive. Being able to create your own great beverages without a lot of effort is a ton of fun. Many brewers like to grow their brewing capacity or maybe even switch to a more complex method of brewing. Grow Masters is here to help you grow. Here are a few things Grow Masters has available to help you advance as a home brewer:

  • Brew kettles of all sizes
  • Fermenting vessels in many different sizes
  • “All grain,” brewing kits
  • Kegging systems
  • Advanced testing equipment
  • Automated brewing systems
  • And much more.

Just looking for supplies…the best supplies?

Grow Masters has the largest selection of Grains, Hops, Malt Extracts, Fruit Extracts, Spices, and Purees in the Chicago-land area. In fact Grow Masters carries more than 100 types of grain. Each grain type has been meticulously tasted and carefully described to make sure your beer turns out how you imagine it. We also have plenty of sanitation products, CO2 to fill your tanks, and other brewing necessities.

Know-how and Advice Is Always Free at Grow Masters

Great Beer Made Right At Home

We love to talk about beer and wine. Brewing is our passion. With more than 50 years of brewing experience, our staff can help you make your best beer. Just stop in and ask one of our brewing experts how to make your brewing aspirations come true. The Grow Masters staff has brewed more than 300 different beers and we are not here not just to make sure you are properly equipped to brew good beer and wine. We are also here to offer insight and advice to make brewing the most fun it can be for any of our customers. Oh, and advice is always free.

Want to find out a little more about our store and our brew gurus? More info is here.